Insulation Pt. 1, Day 3

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3 min readDec 2, 2020


November 29, 2020

OK, so we didn’t get around to the laying down the flooring today since the base panels needed to be painted to make them more moisture resistant:

While Ma got her Van Gogh on, Pa and I stuffed insulation into all the nooks and crannies that we could find. This gave us a good chance to envision and plan how wiring and putting up the framework/studs for the walls would go in the future. A side note: when working with insulation materials like this, its advisable to wear a mask as well as to cover exposed skin. I’m itching like crazy due to little slivers of fiberglass that have made their way into mine.


Onto the task that took us many hours into the evening- insulating the ceiling! Yes, the exclamation point is appropriate as I’ve been really excited to learn new skills throughout this build process. I’m not that great at learning from reading directions or being told how to do something. So once Pa SHOWED me exactly how we would be affixing panels of foam insulation to the ceiling, it clicked. Peep the following media to see the process:

Cutting the Insulation foam to size
Contouring- shaving the panels into shape
Spiking it onto the ceiling
Locked in
  • Step 1: Cut foam insulation to size and contour it to the recesses
  • Step 2: Peel backing off self-stick insulation spike hangers and affix to ceiling
  • Step 3: Impale foam insulation into place
  • Step 4: Slide securing disc over spike to lock insulation in position
  • Step 5: Nip off extra length of spike (or bend 90 degrees)
  • Step 6: Repeat until done.. or exhaust all materials, warranting a Home Depot run

5 Hours of work in 30 seconds:


It was a long process to do something that ultimately will not be seen in the finished product. However, I’m positive that the effort will not go to waste and help to retain warmth in the cold as well as cooling in the heat.

Ceiling, before & after

Concerning progress, we are about halfway through the insulation that’s needed for our project. The rest will follow once we get around to putting up studs for the walls and framework for the ceiling. ’Til next time!

DAY 3: Insulation materials, cost, and install hours:

  • (1) 1" Tuff-R Insulation Foam: $23.93/ea., Home Depot
  • (100) Self Stick Insulation Hangers/Spikes and Securing Discs: $55.77, Amazon
  • (2) Roll Insulation 3.5" 15"x25': $20.48/ea., Home Depot
  • 6 hours of work



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